CAMDEN or BUST! The NSF is bringing junior racing to South Carolina!

FINALLY!  The south is calling!  Don’t miss out on the YOUNG RIDER RACING CLINIC at 1:00pm this coming Sunday, February 25th at Springdale Race Course!

All mounts must be at LEAST 5 years old. Horses and ponies welcome, but no stallions.
Approved helmet, paddock boots, and yoke required. Protective vests preferred (and will be
required for racing).  This clinic will help young riders learn how to gallop and school in company, as well as the ins and outs of the sports of steeplechase and flat racing. Half of the clinic will be an unmounted discussion about technique, strategy, safety, and training, the second half will be mounted. This clinic is an opportunity for you and your mount to get in front of an NSF reviewer to see if you can be approved for pony and young rider races. Be sure not to miss out!

Instructors: Regina Welsh, Richard Valentine and more! (see website for updates)
1:00PM @ Springdale Racecourse • exact location at Springdale TBD• Camden, SC
so we can notify you of exact location and know to expect you.

Auditors are FREE      Riders are $25

The NSF hopes to host pony and possibly junior horse races around the time of the Carolina Cup this spring.  Stay tuned for progress report updates, but in the meantime… come to the clinic!