Shetland Pony Racing

US Pony Racing is a huge fan of Shetland ponies.  We have created flat and steeplechase racing opportunities for the fluffy, spunky little breed.

Shetland races are divided into open races and the US Pony Racing Shetland Team, which puts on Shetland pony steeplechase racing exhibitions as entertainment for large venues.  Many of the ponies in these exhibitions are owned by US Pony Racing, but some are privately owned.  The Shetlands used in these races are under 11.2h and are the Foundation-type of Shetland, which resemble the Shetland breed as it as found in Scotland (basically, they look like Thellwell ponies).

Shetland jockeys must be under 16 years old and be an appropriate size for their pony.  All ponies and riders are required to come to practice sessions before being accepted to the USPR Shetland Steeplechase Team and agree to the US Pony Racing Pact, which outlines safety as be the first and foremost important aspect of the team.  Emphasis is put on the “Safest Ride Award” and not necessarily the entry that crosses the finish line first.  A Charles Owen Helmet is awarded to the entry that displays the safest ride and exhibits the best sportsmanship as selected by a panel of celebrity judges and venue staff.  Currently, Shetland Pony Steeplechase Exhibition performances only take place at the Devon Horse Show and Washington International Horse Show.

Several Shetland races are open to non team members over jumps and on the flat.  Currently those are carded at the Maryland Junior Hunt Cup, Maryland State Fair, Chasin’ for Children Pony Races and Maryland Million Pony Races.  All ponies must be prescreened to ensure pony and rider are an appropriate combo and the race format is understood.

If you would like to bring Shetland pony racing to your area, contact U.S. Pony Racing today to find out how to make that happen!

To see if you are your pony qualify to take part in the Shetland pony races, contact US Pony Racing today!