Racing in general is dangerous, just like every other equestrian sport.  The health and well-being of riders, horses, ponies, horsemen, and spectators is extremely important to USPR and we make every effort to provide as safe of an environment for young and amateur riders to compete within as we can.  Did you know that ALL ponies and horses in open type races are required to wear an overgirth and a yoke/neck strap?  Also, all riders MUST wear protective vests under their silks and an approved helmet.  All entries in USPR races are prescreened to ensure their knowledge of race protocol and adequate control of their mount.  We will be bringing you more information on our stance on safety later this spring.  Check back!

NOTE:  NOT all pony races are run by USPR. USPR can only take full responsibility for the races it hosts. Please contact the individual race meets or racing organizations if you have questions about their saftey policies.