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Unsanctioned race entries are typically made with Central Entry Office and can be phoned in or entered online.  CEO oversees  most unsactioned entries in the mid-Atlantic region.  Entries, results, news, and updates can be found on their site.

Delaware Valley Pt-to-Pt Association

The National Steeplechase Association, based in Fair Hill, Maryland, is the headquarters of American steeplechase racing. In its capacity as the official sanctioning body of U.S. steeplechase racing, the National Steeplechase Association licenses participants, approves race courses, trains officials, coordinates race entries, enforces rules, compiles an official database, and oversees the national marketing and public relations of the sport. As an authority and a resource, the NSA provides essential services and information to participants and fans alike. The National Steeplechase Association takes its role as the guiding hand of this proud sport’s legacy very seriously, and is dedicated to preserving its tradition and history in the 21st century.

National Steeplechase Foundation
The National Steeplechase Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of American Steeplechasing through programs that promote education, health and safety, and the spirit of amateurism.

Steeplechase Owners and Trainers Association (SOTA)

United States Pony Club

Virginia Steeplechase Association

Cyber & Fiber Publications Covering Mid-Atlantic Steeplechasing
Live radio Friday nights 7-8pm on Baltimore’s Sports network CBS Sports Radio 1300AM.  You can listen live online, or archives online if you miss it.
To purchase DVDs of all sanctioned race meets, as well as Pt-to-Pts in Maryland and Pennsylvania
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Equicizer- Contact US Pony Racing if you’re interested in purchasing an Equicizer!

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